3 Benefits of Using a Virtual Phone Number for Your Small Business

Running your own business requires a lot of work—you need to market, manage, and sell your product or service in addition to keeping up with all the other administrative tasks that come with running an organization. It can be overwhelming, especially if you run a small business on your own (or as part of a team of just a few people). The good news? You can simplify things by using one of the many virtual phone number services out there to give your business the presence it deserves without spending money on an actual phone number. Here are three benefits you can expect when you use a virtual phone number service for your small business.

1) Convenience

Using a virtual phone number is convenient because it frees up your personal cell phone, meaning you can text, email or talk on the phone and not worry about using up your own minutes. For many small businesses, this type of service provides them with the opportunity to run their business from anywhere and from any device. The only thing you need to access this service is an Internet connection.

2) Cost

Virtual phone numbers make it affordable to have a business line without the cost and commitment of leasing a physical office. There are plenty of providers that offer competitive pricing, so you’re likely to find an affordable option even if your budget is tight. Here’s what you need to know about how these providers work:

(1) You don’t need to sign up for long-term commitments with virtual phone number providers because they provide only pay-as-you-go plans.

(2) When you sign up for one of these plans, you can specify exactly how many minutes per month or year you want to spend on voice calls.

(3) The minutes in your plan roll over each month so there’s no limit on when those minutes expire. That means you can use them when needed instead of worrying about them expiring before their time.

3) Customer Service

Virtual phone numbers provide small business owners the opportunity to provide easy and fast customer service by routing calls to any other phone number with just one click. Better yet, it’s free! Check out the benefits below:

-Call forwarding–Great for handling customer service after hours or on days off! No need to take time off work when you’re unavailable, simply route your calls to another number. -Call waiting–Hear who’s calling before you answer the call! You don’t want to put them on hold only to find out they were trying to reach someone else.

-Three-way calling–Easily conference in an extra party without all those confusing buttons. Everyone will be able to hear each other clearly with crystal clear audio quality because all of our connections are made using VoIP technology.

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