How to Make a Barcode in 3 Simple Steps (+Free Generator)

Barcodes have become a necessary part of everyday life. They’re used in grocery stores, retail shops, and even at the library. But what if you need to make one? Luckily, you can make your own barcode in just three simple steps! It doesn’t require expensive software or any special equipment. Just follow the simple steps below and you’ll have your own barcode in no time!

What is a barcode?

Barcodes (or UPCs), were originally developed for grocery stores to track and store inventory. The system makes it much easier for the store staff, by scanning the codes and entering the information into a handheld computer, which then automatically updates their inventory records. It also saves time at checkout as customers can simply scan their items with an electronic scanner that reads the barcode and displays its price on a screen. It is these benefits that have made barcodes one of the most successful innovations in recent history. From identifying products on shelves to pricing them accurately, barcodes are present in almost every area of retail trade – from supermarkets to clothing stores. Nowadays, you don’t even need your hands to use them! Mobile apps like ShopSavvy allow you to take a photo of an item’s barcode using your phone’s camera and instantly find out what it costs elsewhere.

How to make your own barcode?

The first step is deciding which barcode you would like to have. There are many different versions of the code from UPC-A to EAN-13, however, there are some universal rules for whichever barcode you choose. The size of the code will depend on what it is being used for and the space needed. Each bar needs to be tall enough so that the height can accommodate any spaces that may need to be filled.

The width depends on how much information you want stored in your code, with more bars equaling more data storage. The standard is usually between 7 and 11 bars but depending on your preferences this can vary.

The spacing between each bar should not be too close or too far apart either.

Why use custom-made barcodes?

Barcodes can be very useful for both small and large businesses. If you’re planning on selling your products online, barcodes are great because it’s a way to make sure customers receive what they ordered every time. And while there are many free barcodes out there, it can be hard to know if they’re reliable or not. It’s also time-consuming and expensive to purchase one from an app store (sometimes hundreds of dollars!) – so why spend the money when you can easily make your own with these simple steps?

  1. Purchase Your Own Barcode Font
  2. Create Your Custom Text
  3. Convert Font Into A Bar Code Symbol

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