Security Guard Insurance – Definition, Cost, Features, & Providers

How much does Security Guard Insurance cost? What are the features included in a Security Guard Insurance policy? How can I find security guard insurance providers? Get the answers to all these questions and more with our comprehensive guide to Security Guard Insurance, including information on what security guard insurance covers, when you should purchase security guard insurance, and which companies you can trust to offer great service and low prices.

What is security guard insurance?

In security guard business practice, the job of an armed guard is to protect people and assets from criminal activity. In a world where crime rates are on the rise for every state in America and violence rates are also on the rise, it’s not surprising that these professionals need additional safety measures put in place to protect them while they’re on duty. As a result, many organizations that offer their services as security guards have decided to provide their workers with some form of protection. Enter Security Guard Insurance—a type of coverage that provides financial protection to those who provide protection!

How does security guard insurance help you?

As a security guard, you are an employee of the employer for which you work, and consequently, your employer is required by law to provide workers’ compensation insurance. That said, there are many states in the U.S., such as California where officers have the option of getting their own personal security guard insurance in order to supplement their other benefits like retirement or group insurance from the company. Security guards have different levels of risks that need protection against; these include civil liability and the consequences arising from claims relating to injury or loss of life on the part of those for whom they provide protection services. This can be critical because most businesses would be uninsured if an incident occurred when all officers were not adequately covered through their work-related coverage.

Do I need it as a part of my business?

It’s important for all entrepreneurs to understand the risks their business may be exposed to and what can be done to manage those risks. The likelihood that your security company will experience a liability event, such as a negligent discharge of a firearm or injury arising from a physical assault on the property of another person caused by your employees, is high. If one of these unfortunate events occurs and you are not properly insured then you could lose everything. Protecting yourself from this risk can be done with Security Guard insurance coverage which also provides liability protection in case you injure someone during an on-duty altercation or another type of assault on someone else’s property when performing guard services. There are different policy limits and features that should be carefully considered before choosing the right plan because not all coverages are the same.

Is it possible to get security guard insurance online?

The good news is that it’s now possible to get security guard insurance online. Various providers offer policies with premiums starting at $150 per month, and you can complete the purchase and sign up in less than an hour. We can show you which of these companies have affordable rates, competitive features to meet your needs, and convenient options to submit a fast quote request. Compare your options today.

Most importantly – regardless of the company you choose – you’ll be getting a well-written policy with competitive terms and conditions written by the experts at Asurion for Peace of Mind® coverage for your industry; such as armed security guards or concierge services.

Why choose us for your policy?

  1. Our website is easy to use and covers everything that security guard insurance can provide you.
  2. Affordable rates
  3. Offers advice on how to prepare your property against crime 2. Handles claims fast
  4. Provides expert, timely support
  5. Allows us to check up on our insureds anytime so they are assured we’ll protect them 6. Unlimited benefits for employees who work as a security guard

What makes our policy better than any other provider’s?

What sets our policies apart is our no-nonsense approach. We provide coverage that protects your assets while you’re on the job and gives you the opportunity to do what you do best: protect property. On top of that, we offer 24/7 support via phone and live chat so that every single one of your concerns can be addressed immediately.

We also offer a complimentary background check for new applicants with at least 3 years of security experience; this is a one-time $20 charge per person with no contract requirements or early termination penalties.

How much does security guard insurance cost and how long does it last?

There are many costs associated with security guard insurance. Your security guard will pay a monthly or quarterly premium, and you’ll need to provide your insurance company with the average annual salary of your guards. Depending on the state you live in, there may also be a policy fee or registration fee that’s charged annually. Most policies last anywhere from 12 months to 3 years, but for more flexibility (e.g., paying monthly instead of annually), you can negotiate with your insurance company to increase the term from 1-3 years up to 10 years and pay monthly instead of annually.

how should to know about security guard insurance?

Insurance is the first thing to come up when most people are considering starting a security guard company. What type of insurance you should purchase will depend on what state you operate in, the specifics of your business and your personal preference. Most security companies need general liability insurance that provides protection for bodily injury and property damage caused by security guards during an incident where they were performing their duties. You should also consider purchasing other types of coverage depending on the needs of your individual business such as vehicle insurance for drivers or tools and equipment for services like locksmithing or window repairs.

Your monthly premium will depend on how much risk is involved in your operation as well as other factors such as operating location and workforce size but this is typically less than one hundred dollars per month.

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