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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Shades for Your Home

Choosing the right window treatments for your home is an important decision. The shades you choose can enhance your living spaces while adding functionality, including light diffusion and energy efficiency.

Stylish smart shades are available in various fabrics, offering UV protection options. They can be scheduled and operated via your smartphone, tablet, remote control, or voice commands.

Ease of Maintenance

Low-maintenance window treatments can make your life easier if you have children or pets or live in a dusty environment. Choose an easily washable fabric that will not require any dry cleaning.

In addition to a cleaner look, Hunter Douglas shades that are easy to clean can help protect your home’s interior from stains and other damage. For example, a popular choice is the cellular honeycomb shade design, known for its premium energy efficiency by creating an insulated barrier against escaping heat and cold.


The right window shades add to your room’s style, providing privacy and energy efficiency. Shades offer various options to customize to fit your needs.

For example, shades feature two fabrics with different opacities in one shade, allowing you to enjoy natural light and privacy at any time of day. They are also available with an exclusive room-darkening back shade that darkens a room without reducing light or limiting visibility.

Other styles are smart for large windows, with curved vanes blocking light and reducing glare. They can be customized with side panels and drapes to create a seamless look that complements any room setting.

Energy Efficiency

About 50% of a home’s heating and cooling energy can be recovered through the windows with proper window treatments. Treaty Oaky Shade Company has created innovative window treatment products to combat this problem. 

These shades can trap the heat during the winter and block out the sun’s harmful UV rays during the summer. Field studies on these cellular shades indicate they can save up to 15% of energy from heating and cooling costs compared to bare windows.

Pair these shades with an automation system for even more energy efficiency for complete remote control and integration into your smart home systems. This will allow you to schedule your shades to open and close at specific times of the day or even with voice commands.

Light Control

The window treatments you choose for your home can play a massive role in the light you receive. For example, Hunter Douglas’ Pirouette shades feature soft folds that filter the light into your room while allowing you to see out.

Cellular shades offer state-of-the-art honeycomb-within-a-honeycomb construction known for energy efficiency if you want more specialized light control. These shades will block out the sun’s rays in the summer and help keep your house cool all year round.

You can control how much light your shades let in with motorization. With this system, you can quickly move your shades with a button on a pebble remote or through the app on your smartphone.


When you choose window treatments, it’s essential to consider how they will impact your privacy and light control. Fortunately, shades offer many fabric options with varying opacities and various operating systems to address these needs.

Other options offer total darkness, which is perfect for bedrooms and bathrooms. This will keep you from being woken up by sunlight during the day. In addition, you can also choose a more translucent fabric that filters the sun’s rays while maintaining privacy. You can even choose a top-down/bottom-up operating system for more flexibility with privacy and light control.

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