8 Tips for Selling on Etsy Successfully in 2022

If you’re one of the many people who have turned to Etsy selling to sell handmade items, you know how rewarding the experience can be. However, it’s important to realize that this isn’t always easy money; there are many nuances and factors involved with selling successfully on Etsy. That’s why it helps to get information from experienced sellers; in this article, we cover 8 of their top tips for how to sell on Etsy successfully in 2022 and beyond.

1) Join Groups

Etsy is known as the global marketplace for handmade or vintage items, craft supplies and art materials. It is a platform where you can list your products and sell them easily. Join a number of groups that are relevant to what you are selling. Groups allow you to interact with potential customers, share ideas and answer questions about things such as how-to and shipping details. In addition, if you have problems with an order, feedback or anything else related to your listing; members will be there to provide assistance. For example, Free Shipping in Canada has more than 5 thousand members who all work together to make their business successful on Etsy.

2) Focus on Quality Over Quantity

When it comes to successfully selling on Etsy, quality is everything! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen great products go underappreciated because of how much competition there is. Quality should always take precedence over quantity, and if you’re going to create a product make sure that it stands out from the rest. Crafting your own unique items will allow them to stand out from the crowd- which means more profit! If you need help with finding ideas or want to learn about the newest crafting trends and tips, then check out this blog post with 8 Ways To Sell On Etsy Successfully In 2022.

3) Set Up a Schedule

In 2019, It’s All About the Photo… so Get Serious about Your Headshot!

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the importance of getting a professional headshot to market yourself. (Truth is, it should be your number one priority!) But before you book an appointment with your photographer, make sure you’ve taken these steps first:

1) Collect a diverse range of photos that showcase your best side. You may want to take portraits with different moods–perhaps casual or serious, outdoors or indoors–or photograph yourself in different outfits and styles. Your photographer can help style your headshot session and guide you on what kind of shots will look best when uploaded to social media.

4) Use Interesting Product Descriptions

When describing your product, give it personality! Tell people what it is, how it was made, and why you created it. If a customer feels like they can connect with your product and the story behind it, then they’re more likely to buy from you.

If your item is handmade with vintage or unique materials, talk about that! Customers love knowing the history behind their purchases.

Stay away from phrases like best, trendy, or cute. They don’t offer any concrete details and limit the scope of potential buyers. Instead of saying that your necklace is the best, say that customers will love its fine craftsmanship and charming simplicity. Finally, describe what makes each product special instead of generalizing all products together.

5) Good Product Photography Is Important

It is no secret that a large number of customers make their purchasing decisions based on the look of your product. It might be surprising, but very few people buy something without any visuals at all. Your product needs to stand out from other products if you want it to get picked up. In order to have good product photography, there are some key features you will need to have in your image. For example, there should be little or no shadows or reflections in the image so that nothing distracts from your product. Images should also include front and back views of what is being sold and also show things like textures and materials as well as close-ups of details like embroidery. Don’t forget to take high-resolution images!

6) Price Lower Than Retailers, but Don’t Be Too Competitive

It’s not that hard to set your selling price lower than some of the other sellers you may see. Make sure it’s a realistic price, though, or else people might think you don’t know what you’re doing. Use your research time to learn what other people are charging for similar items, and make sure to play around with different prices so you can find one that sticks. That way, when someone sees your shop, they’ll be more likely to compare their product and pricing with yours. If they see the difference is greater than 10% higher then they are going to want the better value product and buy from you instead!

7) Create a Brand Identity, But Not Too Brand-Heavy

You might have noticed that we really want to encourage our readers to sell their awesome work and products through our site. However, we are not trying to annoy you with this idea- we just really love being able to bring the makers’ work directly to the viewers. So, instead of saying buy this now or sending out sales emails every day, here are eight suggestions:

1) Share your page with your friends and family- people like supporting their friends!

2) Like others’ posts (this will allow them to see you’ve been there)

3) Be friendly on social media pages like Instagram by liking comments from others or re-sharing content.

4) Do live video chats with fans or followers about a topic related to your business niche.

8) Promote Your Shop Without Being Annoying

As you probably know, the Promoted Listings tool is one of the best ways to get discovered and attract more shoppers. It’s an easy way to increase your sales and it’s totally free! Here are a few tips to make your promoted listings successful:

1) Make sure you’ve uploaded clear, high-quality photos that represent what you’re selling.

2) Add detailed information about your shop, products, shipping costs, and returns policy.

3) Include social media links so people can connect with you or share their feedback with others.

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