How To Create Killer TV Ads That Will Boost Your Business

Do you have an important message or business to promote? If so, advertising on television can be a great way to do it. If you’re going to spend the money on TV ads, you want your investment to pay off – and that means creating killer TV ads that will get people interested in what you have to offer and encourage them to buy from you instead of your competitors. Here are some tips to help you create killer TV ads that will boost your business and get more customers knocking on your door.

The science behind how viewers engage with video

When it comes to video, people are looking for content that is entertaining, informative, and memorable. A study by the Nielson Norman Group found that people engage with video differently than they do with other types of content. Viewers not only watch but also listen more closely to what’s being said in a video. They also spend more time on a website or app after watching a video. So when you want to create a marketing campaign, your videos should be tailored accordingly!

Here are some great tips from our team:

  • Keep it short – People prefer short clips between 30 seconds and two minutes long
  • Use your branding consistently – Make sure viewers know who the brand is at all times (people have a hard time remembering new brands)
  • Introduce yourself – Give viewers an idea of who you are right off the bat and make them feel like they know you before getting into details about your product or service. Offer glimpses into your life and show them why you are trustworthy
  • Tell a story – Relate to your audience using stories that matter to them so they can see themselves using your product/service and living their dream life
  • Incorporate visuals – Show them how the product works and any relevant information related to the benefits
  • Use emotions to connect with viewers – Engage their emotions by showing scenes of happiness, laughter, sadness, anger, etc., as these will make them feel something in return. Share powerful messages that resonate with every viewer; this way, no one will be left unimpressed and you will effectively capture their attention and imagination. For example, if your business sells makeup brushes, film a video where someone applies makeup beautifully with your brushes. If you sell running shoes, show the benefits of using them while running. If you sell home furnishings, film an office space that showcases how well your furniture blends in with everything else around it.

3 types of TV ads (and when you should use them)

  1. Product-Focused: A product-focused ad is all about, well, your product. It showcases what your product is, what it does, and how it can benefit the viewer. These types of ads are great for building brand awareness and showing off what you have to offer.
  2. Service-Focused: A service-focused ad is similar to a product-focused ad, but instead of highlighting a physical product, it focuses on the service that your business provides. This type of ad is perfect for businesses that offer something unique or special that their competitors don’t have.
  3. Call-To-Action: A call-to-action (CTA) ad is the most direct type of TV ad out there.

10 steps to create a killer commercial

  1. Know your audience- who are you trying to reach?
  2. Keep it simple- don’t try to cram too much into one ad
  3. Have a clear call to action- what do you want viewers to do after watching your ad?
  4. Make it visually appealing- use colors, graphics, and images that will capture the attention
  5. Use emotion- tug at heartstrings or make viewers laugh, but make sure they feel something
  6. Write a great script- this is the foundation of your ad, so take the time to get it right
  7. Find the right spokesperson- choose someone that viewers will connect with and trust
  8.  Promote your product/service- keep in mind the goal of the commercial and make sure to highlight why customers should buy from you
  9. Watch out for branding- be aware of how often you show your logo on the screen, as well as anything else that might hint at where the ad was created (e.g., cityscape)
  10. Don’t forget about the sound! Music can really set the mood for an ad

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